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Good Morning! We are so glad that things are starting to get back to normal and our re-opening is looking closer and closer. However at the moment we have not had a date when this will be. When we do open it will be small groups of targeted services first and other sessions will be then phased in. We are really looking forward to seeing you all soon and we will keep you posted on all our social medias! The Children Centre Team x

Baby Weigh In Clinic

A weigh in clinic for your baby provided by a local Community Nursery Nurse or Health Visitor. Designed to enable you to get your baby weighed and for professional help and advice. Below is a timetable of clinics provided by local Children's Centre, highlighted is the ones for ourselves, Wavertree, Childwall and Woolton Children's Centre. 



1-3.15pm Appointment Only

Wavertree Children’s Centre

Wellington Road


L15 4LE                                                    233 6870



9am – 12pm Appointment Only

Childwall & Woolton Children’s Centre

Rudston Road


L16 4PR                                                              
   233 5733

9.30-11.30pm Drop in arrive early

Granby Children’s Centre

Eversley Street    L8 2TU                                           

    233 3200

1.30-3.30pm Appointment only

Garston Children’s Centre

Banks Road


L19 8JZ                                                
    233 6868


 Drop In

Dingle Lane Children’s Centre

Matthew Arnold Primary School

Dingle Lane

L8 9UB


9-11.15am Appoinment only

Belle Vale Children’s Centre

Hedgefield Road

Belle Vale

L25 2RW                                                            
  233 1705




9.30-11.30am Drop in

Picton Children’s Centre

Earle Road


L7 6HD                                                                  233 1200

9-11.15am Appointment only
Huntscross Childrens Centre 
Kingsthorne Road 
L25 0PJ                                 233 3733




9.30am-11.15am appointment only
Speke Five childrens Centre 
Conleach Road 
L24 0TW                                486 9719

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