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My name is Georgia Markham, and I am writing on behalf of Professor Helen Stalford at the European Childrenโ€™s Rights Unit. We have been developing some materials with the Home Office, to raise awareness of the European Union Settlement Scheme. The UK has now left the European Union, and therefore, children from other European countries must complete an application and regularise their immigration status in order to stay in the UK. The deadline for this scheme is less than 7 weeks away (30 June 2021), and data collected by the Home Office suggests that there are still over 200,000 children who are eligible for the scheme but have not yet registered.ย 


We are contacting you as we believe you work closely with the vulnerable children in your community who may be eligible to apply for this scheme. It would be beneficial for the children in your area if you could help disseminate these materials across your networks however you think best.ย 


The link below contains resources that will assist these children in making their application. These include child-friendly FAQโ€™s and helpful information sheets. We have also attached some child-friendly scenarios that will help children to understand how the scheme could apply to them.

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